Freestone Amateur National - Race Report

Mar 26 2019

Freestone Amateur National - Race Report
Families from all over the country head to Freestone County Raceway every March for one of the largest amateur races of the year. 2019 was set to be a great event for the Answer racing crew. The Answer rig was on hand to supply trackside support for all of its riders and families and support the riders throughout the week as they battled the countries best riders.

After four days of racing the Answer Racing riders brought home a total of 4 National Championships and another 9 podium finishes. It was a great week oof racing and now we will set our sights on the California Classic on April 18th-24th.

Podium Finishers:

65 (7-9) 
1st (Vincent Wey)
2nd (Cole Blecha)

65 (7-9) Limited
3rd (Vincent Wey)

65 (10-11) Limited
2nd (Alvin Hillan)

65 (10-11)
2nd (Alvin Hillan)

85 (9-10) Limited
1st (Drew Adams)

85 (9-11) 
2nd (Drew Adams)

Supermini 2 (13-16)
2nd (Crockett Myyers)

125 12-17 - 1st (Branden Walther)

Schoolboy 1 (12-17)
3rd (Kaeden Amerine)

250 B Limited
2nd (Chandler Baker)
3rd (Cullin Park)

450 B Limited
1st (Aiden Tijero)