Oakland,CA- Supercross

Feb 03 2020

JGRMX/Yoshimura/Suzuki Racing's Alex Martin launched his Suzuki RM-Z250 off the line in Oakland to grab his first Monster Energy Supercross main event holeshot of the year. Martin led the field around the track for a lap and a half and ran in a podium position for 14 of the 16-lap main event. Some hard work at the JGR test track the week prior paid off as A-Mart looked fast and comfortable in the whoops and came close to his first podium of 2020.

Martin and his JGR-tuned RM-Z250 turned a mid-gate starting position into a clean holeshot in Oakland's main event. Martin pushed hard all moto, logging one lap led in a main event then settling into the third spot where he rode uncontested for much of the race. In the closing two laps, Martin got the front end high in the whoops and the loss of momentum resulted in moving one spot back to fourth. With the finish, Martin tied his best result of 2020 and netted his third top-five finish of the year. Over the course of the main event, lap times show that Martin was the third fastest rider on the track. A-Mart continues to prove he has the speed to get onto the podium soon. 

"All around better vibes this weekend in Oakland after a productive week of testing in North Carolina with the team,” said Martin. “I was able to use that JGR Suzuki power and grab the main event holeshot. I led for a while before going back to third where I rode for the majority of the race before I got passed with a lap and a half to go, finishing fourth. Very bittersweet, but I'm happy with the progress that was made in just one short week with the team. I can’t wait for San Diego!"

"I was happy with the weekend,” said Jeremy Albrecht, Team Manager. “Alex rode well all day and his holeshot in the main was awesome. The team worked hard last week to help Alex improve in the whoops. I felt we made big improvements and barely missed the podium."

The team heads down the coast to San Diego, California this weekend for round six where Martin looks to progress to a 2020 podium finish to bring his career total up to four.


Complete Parts/Serco/Yamaha’s Aaron Tanti captured his first top 10 finish of the season in Oakland. The visiting Australian has hit the ranks of 250SX West in Monster Energy Supercross this year, and has had some great success. He has delivered 13-13-16 finishes since for 17th in points.


When asked about his American trip, Tanti stated “The trip so far has been awesome, everyone has been so welcoming and helpful when needed. We have an awesome group of sponsors we use back home in Australia that have been awesome to me here too. Riding and racing with guys I’ve watched on TV and followed their careers is also pretty wicked! Also pretty cool to have made most of the main events and do some decent rides over here too.”


Though he originally planned to just race the first 5 rounds, Aaron is set to race round 6 in San Diego as well.